What is Acute Noise Sensitivity (ANS)?


Acute Noise Sensitivity (ANS) is a condition in which a person experiences abnormal sensitivity to sounds that persons with normal hearing would not ordinarily find uncomfortable or especially irritating. The ANS sufferer may find certain frequencies especially uncomfortable to listen to, or virtually all frequencies in the range of human hearing to be objectionable, even at normal or below normal listening levels. Discomfort may be highly distracting, irritating or in severe cases, physically painful to endure. ANS can be caused by any underlying medical or psychological condition, the term being used to describe the effect of sounds being heard, rather than any attempt to attribute the condition to any particular underlying cause.

What causes ANS?

There can be many different causes for ANS including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Meniere’s Disease and Hyperacusis, to name just a few. Some nutritional deficiencies can cause ANS as well.

What is the cure for ANS?

Because ANS can have so many different underlying causes, there is no one cure for the condition. If you suffer ANS to any degree, you should consult with your personal physician to understand the cause and to determine the best course of treatment. Though ANS may be a persistent condition, the debilitating effects can often be treated effectively by regular use of ear plugs equipped with acoustic filters which allow the user to at least partially control or limit the volume of sound that enters the ear. Such filtered ear plugs are generally available under the descriptive name, musician ear plugs, and these products lower the volume of sound the user hears without the high level of distortion common with ordinary foam or silicone ear plugs.


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